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TKC Smile Design is Doctor Aleem’s most popular and his signature treatment. Our patients travel from across the UK and overseas to specifically have a smile design with us. Smile Design may involve multiple treatments which at the end are completed with a full set of veneers/crowns.  For example, a patient may have a full jaw or a full mouth treatment that includes: Teeth straightening, dental implants before placing crowns, and veneers. Other patients may have full mouth veneers only.  Our lead cosmetic dentist is highly experienced in advanced wear and complex cases. Regardless of how your teeth look now, we can certainly help you to transform your smile too. Doctor Aleem has completed thousands of cases to date giving patients natural and lifelike results that not only improve the smile aesthetics but the quality of life too.

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A stand out treatment

Doctor Sheraz Aleem is a well-known leading Smile Design dentist who practices by the principle of uncompromising quality, innovation, and non-invasive dentistry. He is the only one who offers premium quality, non-prep veneers(no shaving of the natural teeth). Doctor Aleem also offers non-damaging removal of old units with state-of-the-art technology, a Waterlase laser system.


  • 1-1 informative clinical assessment including x-rays.

  • Customised treatment process from start to finish.

  • Non-cutting veneers and minimal prep crowns.

  • Laboratory based in California. Hand-made ceramic work by one of the only 37 master ceramist in the world who exclusively works with Dr Aleem in the UK.

  • Privacy of patients kept private. If you do not wish your images to appear on our website or wish to block appointments before and after your appointment we will do that.

  • Modern technology to remove old ceramics and prepare teeth for treatment. No cutting involved. One of the few clinics to use a Waterlase laser.

  • Pain-free process, no injections required.

  • Precision to detail. We will not call a case completed until you are completely satisfied with the final results.

  • Trial Smile: Visualise, request changes and get a real feel of the end results.

  • 12 Months Complimentary Reviews.

  • Long-Term Guarantee.

  • Dedicated treatment coordinator before, during and after treatment.

  • Highly trained team to deal with anxiety.

This might be YOU

Impeccable detailing by our Hollywood celebrity ceramist

Feldspathic hand-made veneers feldspathic
Lifelike non-cutting veneers at the Knightsbridge Clinic
Full mouth non-cutting veneers at the Knightsbridge Clinic
Painless non-cutting veneers at the Knightsbridge Clinic
Smile Design by Dr Sheraz Aleem at the Knightsbridge Clinic
Non-cutting veneers, the best quality at the Knightsbridge Clinic
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Make an impact with your after SMILE

Our patient had severely worn out teeth and misalignment. To enable us to achieve the most aesthetic results, we firstly aligned the teeth with clear Invisalign Aligners. Our patient had Digital mock up to help her visualise the final results and make changes, before we made and placed the final 23 non-cutting veneers.

Elizabeth had old and worn out veneers and wanted them replaced. This spectacular Smile Design case included 18 Custom-made Porcelain Veneers and Crowns which compliment her facial structure and give her a more youthful appearance.

Elsa has a combination of treatments to solve a 10 year long issue she had with her front dead tooth. The root was showing through and although she tried internal bleaching, it did not solve the problem permanently. She had a specialist endodontic treatment, then she had immediate metal free Straumann implant placed, her gum was no longer dark. She also had Invisalign on her bottom teeth and waterlase laser treatment to remove old veneers without damages on her top teeth. Her teeth were previously shaved and discoloured and that is why her upper arch veneers are a combination of Emax and feldspathic powder to hide the discolouration and achieve thin and natural looking veneers. She also had teeth whitening on the bottom teeth.

Noeleen had severely worn out teeth and discolouration. Her Smile design treatment involved a combination of same day implants, metal-free crowns and hand-made porcelain veneers.

What our patients say

I went to see dr. Aleem from Denmark because I wanted 3 veneers removed from my front teeth with the waterlaser. According to research, this technique is the most gentle way to remove veneers, which was very important to me, as I experienced chronic sensitivity on one of my front teeth and didn’t want to risk further damage to the tooth. I was told by my dentist that a root canal treatment was the only option to eliminate the pain. I saw clips of dr. Aleem removing veneers on Youtube and booked an appointment. He removed the veneers within apx. 10 minutes and all 3 easily came off in one piece!
But the best part of the treatment was that dr. Aleem removed the sensitivity by putting desensitizing fluids on the tooth, which helped immensely. Thanks to dr. Aleem’s considerateness and professionalism I’m no longer thinking about getting a root canal treatment and my teeth are in the best shape to get new veneers. Very friendly and helpful staff as well.
Violet Ironstone- Google Review

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