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Straighten your teeth without anyone noticing

Have you thought about aligning your teeth? Invisalign might be the perfect solution for you.  At TKC we offer patients all-inclusive dentistry and therefore we you will proceed to an alignment tratment only when we are certain that you have no underlyng teeth/gum problem. We offer patients the opportunity to get a Clincheck which will enable them to see how their teeth may look after the treatment before they have even started. Invisalign is a preferred alternative to braces because it is nearly invisible, easy to take off while eating, easy to clean and quick to complete.

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Why have Invisalign?

  • Close up gaps between teeth

  • Straighten crooked teeth

  • Realignment of crowded teeth

  • Remove overbite- front teeth overlap too much

  • Close open bite- some teeth aren’t contacting

  • Fix an orthodontic relapse

  • Align teeth for non-prep veneers

Diamond Invisalign Provider Dr Sheraz Aleem The Knightsbridge Clinic

Get your teeth straightened

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Impressions and digital scans should always be taken by a dental professional

Accuracy is crucial for any aligners’ style treatment

3D Itero Scan for Clear Invisalign Aligners at the Knightsbridge Clinic


Clincheck with Itero Scanner, Revolutionary 3D technology


The most advanced clear aligner system

Essential full examination. Monitored by dentist throughout

Critical x-rays taken

Entirely do it at home treatments can be riskier than you think. Read below. 

In our opinion a full  dental examination and prescription should be carried out as per CQC orthodontic guideline

Critical x-rays must be taken to check if you have no hidden gum problems or other potential bone issues, hidden decay, or anything that will compromise your treatment. Aligners should never be placed before a thorough examination and before any issues are solved.

Wear your aligners more, enjoy straighter teeth sooner. On average treatments are completed in 4-6 months.

Some entirely do it home treatments suggest wearing your aligners overnight only. Wearing your aligners overnight slows down the straightening process. We firmly believe this will not deliver results as expected since the aligner treatment relies upon wearing the aligners for a minimum of 20-22 hrs per day.

Orthodontic relapses can cost more, cause complications and a re-treatment may take longer to fix.

Orthodontic relapse is the biggest cause for re-treatments. Most of the cases we see are re-orthodontic treatments. We give patients fixed and removable retainers, we regularly check on how you are and invite you in for essential reviews 6 months after you completed your treatment at no extra cost.

The most common questions. Is Invisalign better than Braces, and more. 

The difference between Invisalign and online only based systems. 

Clear Aligners for Clearly Great Results

Your Journey to straight teeth

Make an impact with your after SMILE

Our patient had gappy teeth and she wanted to fix them in time for her wedding. Wearing both and bottom aligners achieved straight teeth in time.

Our patient teeth were overlapping and Dr Aleem suggested it is best to have Invisalign. In less than 6 months his teeth were completely aligned and straight.

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Limited to 30 people only

TKC Straight Teeth

Invisalign Aligners

Fixed Braces

Dual or single arch, Save £900

  • Complimentary Full Assessment with x-rays /worth £80/
  • Complimentary Scale and Polish Hygiene /worth £85/
  • Complimentary Teeth Whitening /worth £360/
  • Complimentary Itero Scan /worth £125/
  • £250 OFF Treatment
  • TKC Membership Card and TKC Gift Pack
  • Complimentary 12 months reviews
  • Complimentary additional aligners, if required
  • 5% Discount for upfront payments
  • 0% Finance available
  • Highly skilled Cosmetic dentist
  • Diamond Invisalign Provider
  • Digital Smile Design
  • Refer a patient and get shopping voucher
  • Duration of treatment varies on avg. 4-6 months for completion. Pain-free process.
  • 12 months warranty

TKC Vivera Retainers

Single Arch

Save £100

Dual Arch

Save £150

  • Vivera retainers precisely made by Invisalign
  • Essential to wear post teeth alignment
  • Sturdy and made to measure
  • Includes 3 sets per arch
  • Long-lasting 3-5 years(lifestyle and teeth grinding dependant)
  • £100 OFF Single Arch
  • £150 OFF Dual Arch
  • Complimentary Itero Scan included
  • Highly skilled cosmetic dentist
  • Diamond Invisalign Provider, hundreds of Invisalign treatment completed
  • Worn at night only. Instructions provided on retainer collection
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    What our patients say

    I had the veneers replaced on my two front teeth, Invisalign treatment top & bottom arches and teeth whitening was offered at a discount! I was able to pay on a reasonable monthly payment plan that was comfortable for me. The work is truly amazing! I love my new smile, it’s given me my confidence back. I keep getting compliments! Thank you so much to Dr Sheraz and his team at TKC.
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